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I Watched Kim Instagram and saw a new heart-shaped Perfume bottle that made me curious how Kim made a kkw fragrance without knowing how to make a perfume I started finding on google and found out it’s really simple to make a fragrance if you have money and a little bit of mind. And I will tell you all the secrets by reverse-engineering the Kim Kardashian business model and trying…

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1.Property Quants

they have a course on data science for real estate which teach people pandas, python and scikit-learn and how to gather real estate data and build a statistical model for a large dataset in real estate industry .how to forecast the market future trends and where the market is heading plus real estate course and geographic information system (gis)stuff because it is real estate.


Udemy for finance platform has so many courses related to the stock market and cryptocurrency trading they also have how to apply deep learning…

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“Qanon” is a group of people who believe an unproven conspiracy theory or publish it on social media sites or in groups. basically, fake newsgroups which post fake or there weird theory on the internet

now we know what is Qanon is now let us just talk about how it is impacting our lives in negative ways this are some of my views how this qanon will impact our daily life.

1.Our Finance System

qanon group can post anything on the internet as we know but what If they start posting about so many listed companies on NYSE .they can manipulate the prices…

This is some of my favourite cybersecurity groups on the web which I think can improve your skills guide you in the right direction. And you can focus on your long term goals for 2021. And if you want to join this group just click on the headline of the name of the group or “this” word. let us get started

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  1. Android Security & malware: - android security & malware is the best group in telegram which all the best android security-related content across the web for the students who are interested in learn and applying the knowledge in bug…

Random Philosophy Of A Hippie Guy

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1.trusting hurts:- how much you trust or do good thing you will never get what you expect from people .people will always let you down

2.courage can buy anything:- people say money can buy anything but courageous people with courage can bring power and money in there feet and rule the world

3.money is not the problem:- people say money is the root of all the problems they are wrong our leader’s wrong discussions are the reasons we all are here and fighting for money.

4.love is temporary: whatever you do how much you…


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